Reluctant Rebels


Captain Kleewa is furious at the PCs for getting into a fight at the water bar of Besch. She is especially concerned that the YT-1000 ship carrying D3-0D is going to expose Contingency base to the Empire. She orders the PCs to follow D3 to prevent him from reporting them to the Empire.

She then dismisses them except for Sin. Kleewa informs Sin that she is receiving a battle field commission to the rank of Lieutenant. Sin thanks Kleewa and accepts her new officer’s bars. Kleewa then confides in Sin her concerns about Chan’s past. Kleewa feels that Chan knows too much Rebel Intelligence and Sin should do all in her power to prevent Chan from being taken prisoner and that may mean killing him first.

Sin begins to explore Contingency base looking for the other PCs who are now her subordinates. She breaks up a fight between a female Rebel Soldier named Jin and a would be paramour. After dressing down the male instigator, Sin learns that Jin is a member of the 32nd Sniper Infantry. Sin immediately sees a bit of herself in Jin and offers to watch out for Jin if necessary.

Chan and Zeb begin researching the YT-1000 ship that escaped them. They discover that the ship’s name is “Vaunted Maiden” and they weren’t the only ones looking for it. Someone else has accessed those records and beemed them offworld. They begin to suspect a spy in the base camp. Aaman lends his medical talents to the MASH tent at the request of Luquan. No one notices that Hurd is missing.

At Vek-Tor’s request, Hurd commandeer’s a speeder to investigate a meteor that hit Besch near Contingency base. Hurd gets the speeder as close as he can but the canyon becomes too narrow. Vek-Tor trudges on ahead by foot and Hurd reluctantly follows him. The narrow canyon suddenly opens up into a large crater about half a kilometer in diameter. The floor of the crator is filled with shards of Opila crystals. These Opila crystals are force sensitive and prevalent enough to create a temporary Force nexus that takes Hurd back to his days as a student of the Jedi before the dark times.

The vision he received shows his encounter with another student that Hurd believed he accidentally killed. Through the eyes of the other student, Hurd is able to see the student actually survived and his reasons for fleeing the Jedi order were not valid. He then saw through the eyes of dark jedi peering at his friends and family. Each Gran responded with no knowledge of the whereabouts of Hurd. Through reflected glass, he could make out the individual doing the questioning was a bald human but not much else. The human concluded that since he couldn’t find Hurd to take with him, he would take all of Hurd’s family with him instead.

The vision ended and Hurd suddenly found Vek-Tor standing before him. Vek-Tor told Hurd that although Kleewa was hoping he would stay and help the Rebellion, Vek-Tor felt the need to finish the last order the Jedi Council gave to him and his master 20 years ago. Vek-Tor was ordered to liberate a sector in the Outer Rim (which sector he wouldn’t say). While the Tyrant had changed, the tyranny remained. Until that sector was liberated, he would not be joining the rebellion. Vek-Tor then asked Hurd to join him as an apprentice.

Hurd thought long and hard about the choice, but he ultimately declined to join Vek-Tor. Hurd was even more committed to finding his family. Vek-Tor was disappointed but understood. He told Hurd of being betrayed by a Trandoshan ally that had stolen his lightsaber. He then admitted that the lightsaber he had been carrying was a training lightsaber and offered it to Hurd. Vek-Tor then retrieved a shard of Opila crystal to forge a new lightsaber. Hurd also retrieved a shard of Opila in case he ever decided to construct his own lightsaber.

They then returned to base camp where Two Why had the stolen ship ready to launch. Hurd watched mournfully as Vek-Tor walked up the gangplank and out of his life. Before the gangplank rose, Vek-Tor made Hurd one last offer, “If you change your mind or if circumstances change, use the Force to seek me out. My offer still stands to you.”


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