Reluctant Rebels

Frozen Asset

The PCs are getting acclimated to life as undercover rebels and learning their fake trade as miners for the Issham Mining Corporation. In the middle of their training, they are quickly summoned to a briefing room for an urgent mission. Kleewa tells them that the Empire has acquired a Rebel asset that is vital to the Rebellion’s long term survival. The asset has been taken to the nearby system of Eriadu by a Imperial Nebulon-B frigate, Foundation.

A droid working as a rebel spy has sabotaged Foundation, and it is seeking repairs at the dry docks on Eriadu. The PCs will pose as dry dock workers in order to infiltrate the ship and retrieve the asset. They are to use their own discretion in order to hijack a ship. They are to then meet up for extraction on the third moon of Triton. The PCs also learn that they were not the first choice for this mission. The Rebel army is fighting for its life and can’t spare any resources.

After retrieving their cover identities from Chief Tekku and booking a commercial transport to Eriadu, they arrive in system. Each Eriadu dry dock is a floating city in space shaped like a horse shoe. The two ends attach to the capital ship while the rounded portion contains a Transparisteel “roof” that showed forests. They PCs debark after landing on the side of the horseshoe half way up the side.

Once inside they navigate a bureaucracy openly hostile to non-human species. Since Sin is human, she takes on the role as supervisor while Hurd attempts to influence the Imperial bureaucrats with the force. Once through customs, the PCs learn that the inside of Eriadu is structured like a tiered city. The upper classes are closer to the forested area at the top of the horse shoe, while the lower classes were near the bottom of the two ends of the horseshoe closest to the dry docks themselves.

As they approach the dry docks, the other citizens begin to look pretty seedy. A member of a skinhead swoop gang catcalls Sin and his friends make xenophobic remarks at Hurd, Chan, and Aaman. After getting too close to Sin, her friends decide they have had enough and pull their hidden hold out blasters to defend her honor. Sin then shows them that she can take care of herself and drops the nearest one with a swift kick to the groin. More skinheads show up but they are swiftly blasted before the PCs run for cover.

The PCs successfully infiltrate the dock worker’s contract negotiations. They manage to slice into the contracting system to insert a fake issue near the brig. They then under bid the other contractors and get a pass to enter Foundation. Upon entry they are forced to the side as an important Imperial officer passes by. They learn the officer is Moff Shar Bopa and finally get a look at their infamous nemesis.

Zeb slices into the Foundation’s computer systems and locates an area a few decks below the brig that is using an inordinate amount of energy. They head to the level to find armed guards outside the room in question. They make a show of investigating issues in the air ducts above the room. Hurd volunteers to head down the ducts towards the secure room. Once there he finds a figure in cased in carbonite hovering on repulsorlifts.

At that moment, Moff Bopa and another Imperial officer arrive on the level by exiting a near by lift. The PCs overhear Bopa and the captain of the ship Offal talk about the security of the asset. They enter the secure room not knowing that Hurd is directly above them. Bopa orders the guard doubled and the asset transferred to his Star Destroyer. Since Foundation is too small to dock with the Moff’s personal shuttle, Bopa has commandeered a BR-23 courier from the local garrison that is just small enough to fit in the hangar bay.

After leaving the secure room, Moff Bopa orders all dock workers off the Foundation until the asset is transferred and specifically mentions the non-human PCs. As the PCs minus Hurd are escorted to the lift by a storm trooper, Hurd climbs down and approaches the frozen figure. As he begins to thaw the frozen figure he sees a droid approaching after dropping down from a different duct. The droid watches the thawing figure and mentions to Hurd that he was going to do that.

The others are crowded in a lift with a lone stormtrooper when Sin draws her hidden hold out blaster and tries to gun down the guard. The others join and after a brief fight, manage to win. Zeb then slices the lift to take them down to the asset’s level again. Zeb then configures the lift to not arrive at that level again.

Chan then dons the stormtrooper armor and pretends to escort the PCs back. The stormtroopers guarding the room ask what’s going on. Chan replies that one of the workers is missing. As he approaches them, one of the other guards decides to check the secure room and another begins to check the duct. Chan then rolls a frag grenade at the guards near the door.

Hurd shakes the figure awake. He’s a Zabrak and is holding a lightsaber. He is also covered in burns and injuries. The droid introduces himself as Twowhy and consoles the Zabrak and calls him “father” to the wonderment of Hurd. Hurd tries to contact his allies, but hears only blaster fire. He decides to re-position the repulsor lifts to create cover from the door. The Zabrak begins to meditate in a healing trance. Once the door opens and a frag goes off, Hurd jumps to the defense of the meditating figure. The droid behind him leaps to the ceiling and re-enters the duct.

As the fight continues, the PCs can see the lights of the lift pass them by as a Zeb’s re-programming works. Re-reinforcements for the stormtroopers pass harmlessly by to the next level. One of the stormtrooper manages to make it to the lift. As he gets there, the doors open and Twowhy ambushes him. The others finished off with alarms blaring. The PCs retrieve their hidden weapons in their tool trunk they were using as a disguise.

After the fight, the Zabrak thanks the PCs for their help. He introduces himself as Vek-Tor but he remains tight lipped on other details. The PCs have no time to ask him questions and begin to use the ducts to climb the levels of the aft portion of the Foundation. Twowhy tells the PCs he has to rescue a droid named “Missy” who has been helping him sabotage the ship. Twowhy promised Missy he would take her with him when he left. The PCs divert to the engineering deck and make their way towards the hyperspace drive.

From the air ducts, Twowhy points to an MSE-6 repair droid. Twowhy manages to attract Missy’s attention while the other PCs distract the human workers. This allows Missy to leave the room and get picked up by the others. They then make for the Aft hangar bay to attempt to steal the courier ship.

When they arrive at the hangar bay, they can see it swarming with workers up in the gang planks where the TIE fighters are stored. Stormtroopers are patrolling the area. Zeb tries to plant a fake error in the ship’s system that would sound the alarm of a decompression in the hangar bay. Unfortunately, he caused a real issue and the hangar bay force field begins to lose its structural integrity. The guards and workers scurry out of the hangar bay while the PCs try to shoot their way in.

Vek-Tor is still extremely injured and needs the aid of Twowhy and Zeb to move quickly. Chan gets caught too far back and Hurd tries to valiantly guard the blast doors so that Chan can get through. The blaster fire becomes too intense and Hurd falls while Chan gets into the hangar bay. Aaman makes it to the Courier ship and begins to warm up the engines. Vek-Tor stops and begins to use the force to pick up the unconscious body of Hurd and brings him through the blast doors just before they close. Chan picks up his body and begins to pull him towards the ship.

The vacuum of space begins to pull objects and the PCs out of the hangar bay. With a heroic feat of strength Chan gets a hold of the piston of the Courier’s landing platform and holds on for dear life. Twowhy and Zeb enter the platform dragging Vek-Tor and clamp on as well. The petite Sin loses her footing and begins to fly towards the vacuum of space. Once again Vek-Tor reaches out with the force to pull Sin back on the platform in time for it to close with everyone on board.

Aaman brings the engines to life and does what he can to prevent the ship from being ejected from the Foundation. Sin rushes to the cockpit to relieve him so that Aaman can tend to the wounded Hurd. Sin deftly maneuvers the Courier out of the hangar bay and avoids the large dry dock still attached to the Foundation. The PCs notice a Star Destroyer in the system and Sin pilots the Courier to put the dry dock in between. Tie Fighters begin to engage the courier but Chan mans the gunnery turret and blasts one to pieces while Zeb calculates the jump to Triton. Sin finishes orbiting the dry docks and punches it to allow the ship to escape.


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