Reluctant Rebels

Frozen Asset Exit

The PCs settled in for a relaxing hyperdrive trip to Triton. They began exploring their new hijacked ship when suddenly the ship dropped out of hyperspace. Sin ran quickly to the cockpit to see an Imperial Assault ship with bulbous interdicting pods filling the screen. Klaxons sounded as blaster bolts from nearby strafing Tie Fighters began to hit the ship.

Sin raised the alarm and the shields and quickly began evasive maneuvers. Chan entered the laser turret and returned fire scoring quick hits and bringing down the Ties as fast as they began to engage the PCs. Sin plotted a course around the interdictor ship only to realize it took them through an asteroid field. The charts labeled the system as Colu and the field the remnants of a dead planet. She powered through the field and around the asteroids trusting that Zeb could keep the ship together.

Once through the asteroid field Chan finishes off the few Tie Fighters that survive the asteroid field. Shortly after clearing the asteroid field, they clear the interdiction field too. Then Aaman and Missy calculate the jump to hyperspace and finish their trip to Triton.


DerekSTheRed DerekSTheRed

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