Reluctant Rebels

Going to Ground

After the PCs failure to defeat Rafe, they returned to Captain Kleewa and the Rebellion against the Empire. Kleewa feared Contingency Base was compromised and quickly abandoned it. She moved her outfit to the abandoned world of Trenwyth. The artificially terraformed planet provided ideal hiding places.

Unfortunately the Empire quickly found the rebel outfit and laid siege to the planet cutting the PCs and their rebel allies off from the rest of the Galaxy. The Rebels went to ground and used the artificial underground canyons to hide and harry the Imperial troops.

Despite their early success at ambushing, the most recent ambush didn’t work as planned. The PCs were in the middle of ambushing a column of stormtroopers when a pair of Scout Troopers on speeder bikes showed up to attack the ambushers. The PCs succeeded in bringing down the Scout Troopers and then learned of nearby Rebels troops having the same issue.

Lieutenant Sin ordered her troops to aid the Rebels and bring down another pair of Scout Troopers. The surviving Rebel snipers reported the Empire seemed to know they were attacking. The PCs received reports of the Rebel MASH unit being overrun and returned to Rebel base to help.

Captain Kleewa asked the PCs to go on a prisoner rescue to recover the captive doctors. They are currently being located in holding cells in the Empire’s beach head on the Southern continent where the Rebels were hiding.


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