Reluctant Rebels

Lost Heist Found

Chan Corvo uses his Underworld contacts to find a buyer for the Missing Treasure of Coruscant the PCs recovered from the Vault. Chan finds an old Chiss acquaintance name Swigg. They agree to meet at Dunari’s Rest a casino in the Mayagil Sector.

Prior to the meeting, the PCs arrive and unload the stolen art into a warehouse near their docking bay. Zeb notices boot prints, likely stormtrooper boot prints, in the otherwise empty warehouse. The PCs decide to continue to move the art in over Hurd’s objections. They are suspicious enough to look around the casino for danger signs.

The PCs walk to the bar to ask around. Seated at the bar is Kleewa, the rebel Bothan spy. She says she’s waiting for a friend but is more than willing to swap information with the PCs. She is concerned about the potential for Stormtroopers and agrees to look into it for the PCs. Just then someone in a mining uniform for the Issham Mining Corporation walks. Kleewa excuses herself and joins the miner at a private booth.

They continue to the conference room to meet Swigg, passing by the Sabacc tables and gambling machines in the casino. Swigg and his retinue include a droid, two Human’s and two Weequay. Swigg presents a briefcase full of Imperial Credits as proof of payment. The PCs then give him the key to the warehouse of stolen art. They then wait while the droid and one of the humans named Mang verify the contents of the warehouse. The droid projects what he sees to the conference room holo projector.

Once the holo projector shows the stolen art, Swigg hands over the briefcase. No sooner had Chan grabbed it then the entire station shuddered and the feed went out. Everyone in the conference room was knocked off their feet. Swigg immediately accused the PCs of betraying them. They were able to convince him of their innocence when the lights in the casino went out followed by low light backups coming on. Everyone fled the conference room to the casino floor.

Outside in the casino, bedlam is everyone. Casino patrons are scrambling to grab loose chips on the ground. Chip/credit exchange desks have force fields enabled sheltering them from the chaos. The PCs separate from Swigg and his crew to make their way to their ship.

When the PCs get to the entrance to the long corridor that leads from the casino to the docking bay where the PCs left their ship, they see two columns of Imperial special forces making their way in the darkness towards them. The PCs begin firing on the Imperials but fail to stop them. The Imperials converge on Chan forcing him to surrender. One of the Imperials cries out, “Wrong Chiss” before leading the others deeper into the casino.

Hurd continues to fight the Imperials before he is knocked unconscious. The other PCs drop their weapons. The Imperials then pass them by and begin firing on Swigg who they kill. While the Imperials are distracted, the PCs beat a hasty retreat to their ship.

During their launch, Sin looks out the viewport at a modified Imperial shuttle with a tractor beam hovering over the outside of the warehouse with the stolen art. A large hole in the warehouse created a vacuum and jettisoned the art into space which the shuttle was pulling into its cargo bay.

As the PCs took off from the docking bay, the shuttle turned on the PCs to prevent their escape. Sin punched it and Zeb began to calculate a jump to hyperspace. He remembered the Issham Mining Corporation was located in the Virmeude system and plotted a course there. Sin was able to escape the shuttle and the PCs arrived on Virmeude safely. They were greeted by Kleewa who agreed to help them join the Rebellion (those that weren’t already rebels).


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