Reluctant Rebels

Triton Triage

The PCs arrive on the third moon of Triton, Besch. After entering the spaceport, they are approached by a hooded figure. The figure lowers his hood to reveal a insectoid creature with a datapad. The PCs offer a “tithe” to Gactimus and are left alone. They discover the spaceport bar only serves water and the colony of Besch is devoid of anything remotely considered “fun”.

Fortunately, Chief Tekku spots them and escorts them to Contingency base in the remote regions of Besch. The climate of Besch isn’t conducive to human breathing on most of the moon due to the low amounts of oxygen in the atmosphere. However, the chasms and valleys provide enough oxygen which is much denser than the other gases in the atmosphere. Many a smuggler has used the various pockets of breathable atmosphere to conduct illicit business. Now the Rebel Alliance has created a temporary makeshift base in a large chasm and named it Contingency. The PCs arrive to see their ship and several shuttles ringing a bustling base with a working MASH unit and field hospital.

Vek-Tor is helped to a hospital with a bacta tank and the PCs are sent to Kleewa’s field tent for a debriefing. The PCs relate their tale of rescue. Kleewa then shares what information she has on the Battle of Hoth and its aftermath. Contingency base was created to harry the supplies of the Empire in order to help the Rebel Army escape to their new hidden base. However, the number of casualties has been so high, the base has also taken on the task of MASH hospital. She thanks the PCs for their help and asks them to get a good night’s rest. They will have a new mission in the morning and R&R will be hard to come by.

Aaman decides to explore the base to see if his medical expertise are needed. The Ithorian runs into an old human friend from Basic training named Luquan. While Luquan and Aaman catch up, Luquan mentions a rumor of a spy selling secrets to a Chiss.

Chan and Sin wander around and overhear a rumor of new transponder codes being purchased for upcoming missions. Chan’s ears perk up when he learns the stolen transponder codes will be purchased from a Talz. He learns that Chief Tekku is tasked with buying them. He volunteers the PCs as guards for the transaction.

The PCs travel to the spaceport and take a booth and the water bar. Once the Talz and his two bodyguards walk in, Chan confronts the brute and calls him by his name, Oort. Oort draws back his all weather cloak and reveals a Wookie bowcaster. Chan asks where D3 is now. Oort replies that the droid is on his ship. Chan demands the droid and Oort refuses resulting in a blaster fight.

Tables are overturned and blasters light up the quiet water bar. Chan manages to score a headshot with his disruptor pistol killing Oort instantly. Oort’s body guards flee to their ship. Chan chases them and sees D3 up the gangplank. He shoots at the droid but misses and cries out in despair as the YT-1000 carrying the droid lifts off. Sin adds a donation to the nearby Gactimus shrine and tells the insectoid water bartender, “Sorry for the mess”.


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