Reluctant Rebels

Zero G Refugees

The local Rodian police arrest the PCs but are bailed out by Clee. Chan is kept as a bail hostage to prevent them from jumping systems. The PCs recruit the late night guard (a Gran) from their hotel who was recently fired.

The PCs coordinate with Clee to smuggle the Rodian refugees to the Rodina moon, Enak. Once there, the land in a space port inside a crater. The crater has artificial gravity to allow the PCs to begin to off load their “cargo” where the refugees are hiding. An voice on the space port’s intercom requests Clee presence in the port’s office. After she left Rodians with Red Sashes ambush the party.

During the fight, a bomb is detonated that turns off the artificial gravity. The PCs continue to fight in zero G before killing or subduing the Rodians. They take their leader captive. He agrees to tell the PCs who tipped them off in return for his freedom. They agree and learn that a finely dressed Rodian tipped off his boss but didn’t give off his name. The PCs let him loose in the jungles of Rodia.

Rodian Rogues

The PCs journey to Rodia to try to find the Missing Treasure of Coruscant. The PCs decide to keep Tripnik with them to keep an eye on him despite suspecting he has ulterior motives. Zeb‘s memory isn’t reliable enough to go on and Tripnik holds secrets that he has yet to share.

The coordinates of the message found on Mustafar led the PCs to a large city block in the smog filled city of Iskaayuma. While searching for clues to the location of The Vault, the PCs starting asking around in a local cantina. The sound of an argument in Rodian broke out in a VIP area where a female Rodian in fancy clothes was holding court. Her entourage was yelling at a group of Rodians in red sashes when the yelling escalated into shooting. The Rodian wearing red sashes started gunning down the other Rodians in the VIP area.

The PCs leapt to the defense of the damsel in distress and fired on the Rodians wearing red sashes. Their fire was so intense the survivors tried to escape out into the street when the female Rodian chunked a grenade after them.

The female Rodian introduced herself as Clee and invited them to dinner as a thank you. The PCs graciously accept her invitation. They journey to her father’s estate (after checking into their hotel). The PCs begin dining with Clee who informs them that her father will be joining them shortly.

During smalltalk, Clee informs the PCs that the Chattza clan, who wear red sashes, have been hunting down the rival Tetsu clan. The estate is palatial and located near the edge of the bubble enclosing the city. Just outside the bubble is a private landing pad where a very expensive looking yacht begins to land. A well dressed Rodian joins them at the dinner table.

The new visitor introduces himself as Clezo. He thanks the PCs for saving his daughter’s life. As a reward he offers them a job ferrying passengers to the nearby Rodian moon, Enak, for which they will be paid handsomely.

The PCs ask about the new Grand Protector, Navik the Red, who is also chief of the Chattza clan. Clezo tells them that he’s led to more trade offworld which has allowed Clezo to return to his home. Clezo says he has little actual business on Rodia, but chose to return to Rodia to live.

Zeb inquires as to why Clezo and Clee have no clan names like other Rodians. They seem well off enough to afford to go by any clan name they chose he says. Insulted, Clezo says he doesn’t need to be reminded of his past by the likes of a droid and storms off.

Clee sighs and explains that her father was born to the low classes but managed to work his way to prosperity doing business off Rodia. Zeb mistakes Clee and Clezo as members of the Tetsu clan trying to hide their affiliation. Clee corrects Zeb and tells him that her and her father are one of the few Rodians living on Rodia that do not belong to any clan.

Clee does reveal that she has a soft spot for the Tetsu clan and wishes to help them. She has arranged passage for most of the remaining members to leave the Rodian system. This is the job her father spoke of earlier. She has passage for the Rodians from Enak to a destination she won’t share. Her father is ambivalent about the Tetsu clan and disapproves of Clee’s decision to help them. Clee has convinced Clezo to fund the transport and will pay the PCs well to smuggle them out of Rodia to Enak.

The PCs agree and after a bit of haggling Clee excuses herself leaving the PCs alone. They decide to search the estate. They manage to get a cursory search of security devices and locations of guards before returning to their hotel for the night.

Just after the luxury airspeeder drops them off at the hotel, they are attacked by armored clad Rodians. A sniper across the street injures Chan while more Rodians leap out of side alleys to cut off their escape. Aaman tries to get into the hotel lobby only to find the doors locked. Alsinna draws her disruptor rifle and turns one of the Rodian attackers into a skidmark. Chan blasts a window into the lobby and jumps through. The other PCs follow through and take cover in the hotel lobby. Alsinna takes down one more Rodian before they throw a grenade into the lobby and retreat leaving the PCs to lick their wounds.

Zeb's Past Catches Up

Zeb and his friends are asked by Kleewa to help extract rebels spies one step before the Imperials. On the way, Zeb finds a familiar face that helps jog his memory. While Zeb reboots parts of his memory with his new acquaintance, Tripnik, the rest help recapture an escaped albino Gundark.

Tripnik shows the PCs a badly damaged recording of a conversation detailing the final details of a heist that took place during the Battle of Coruscant. The recording leads the PCs to Mustafar and the source of one party of the recording. On Mustafar the PCs learn that the original team of thieves, which included Zeb, were ambushed on Corellia by agents sent from Shu Mai of the Commerce Guild.

They discover a full message between Shu Mai and a Yuzzem named Pok. After acquiring the full message from the ruins of an old Commerce Guild office building, Tripnik betrayed the PCs and led them into an ambush.

Sleeping Droid

The PCs come out of hyperspace a bit too far away from Corellia. By chance their location, while far from Corellia Prime, is instead near a distress beacon. The distress beacon is emanating from a nearby ship that is not structurally sound. The PCs don Environmental Suits found in their ship and seek to search the abandoned ship. During the zero-G search, the PCs stumble on a bipedal droid that is being eaten by a mynock. After shooting the mynock, they discover the droid is still sound but deactivated due to a restraining bolt. Once they remove the restraining bolt, the droid ZB1138 awakens. Zeb, as the driod likes to be called, has trouble remembering how he got on the ship. he nonetheless remembers enough to help the PCs transfer the transponder of the abandoned ship to the PCs own.

The Man with a Suitcase

Chan is playing Sabacc on the planet of Sokol IV. After being up most of the night, a new player has taken almost all of his credits. The man barely moves under his hood until a momentary flicker. The near human suddenly raises the pot with a suitcase. Chan’s cards change to a Sabacc 23 and Chan quickly calls revealing his winning hand. The near human smiles and collects what’s left of his winnings before heading towards the door without discussing or opening the locked suitcase.

Alsinna is sitting at the bar chatting with a female Bothan she just met. Suddenly the Bothan glances at the door before making a sign with her hands. She then excuses herself and head towards the ladies restroom. Alsinna, or Sin as her friends call her, glances towards the door of the cantina to see white armored stormtroopers forcing their way in. She quickly takes cover behind the bar.

Aaman is enjoying his drink quietly at his table near the door when a loud bang surprises him. A blaster carbine becomes a club to the back of his hammer head as a stormtrooper begins beating him. Suddenly a stormtrooper shouts ,“There he is!” The beatings on Aaman stop and a near human in a hood is surrounded by stormtroopers. The hooded near human tosses his winnings in the air causing the other patrons to scramble for the money. During the chaos Aamnv runs to the back of the casino trying to get away.

Aaman, Alsinna, and Chan all see a Bothan lady walk out a back door and decide to follow her. The back door opens up to an alley. Chan notices the Bothan climbing a ladder to the roof of the building while everyone else notices the exit of the alley blocked by stormtroopers who begin shooting at them.

Chan is hit and tries to use the suitcase for cover. Alsinna begins to aim and fire her blaster rifle. One by one the stormtroopers drop. A speeder appears at the end of the alley as Alsinna dispatches the last stormtrooper. The Bothan lady from the bar tells them to get in. As the sounds of impending stormtroper reinforcements gets louder, all three jump in and the speeder takes off.

Once the Bothan loses the Imperial troops chasing them, she parks the speeder and demands Chan give her the suitcase at gunpoint. Chan negotiates a truce and uses cryptic language to suggest he is part of the Rebel Alliance. Reluctantly, the Bothan agrees to share with them what she knows.

“My name is Kleewa,” she says. Nydel was the man with suitcase. He had intended to give it to me tonight before the Imperials interfered. Kleewa suspects someone tipped off the Empire and that she is now wanted. She asks the three for help. They agree to search Nydel’s place for an extra key to open the suitcase.

In Nydel’s apartment, they discover it has already been searched. Fortunately the original search team missed a secret compartment in the bed frame. They retrieve a backup key to the suitcase and return to Kleewa’s hideout. On the way there, they notice they are being followed. Sin recognizes their pursuer as Morda, a bounty hunter that the local Moff has hired as a retainer.

Instead of returning to Kleewa directly, the decide to turn the tables on Morda by racing down a side alley. They split and begin climbing emergency exists of the buildings. Morda fires at them and then decides to use his jet pack to fly to the top of building. He starts to climb down begins using stun grenades. Chan, Sin, and Aaman all manage to land lucky shots causing Morda to retreat.

The three gather Kleewa and move to a new location. They open the suitcase to reveal the suitcase as a secret recording device. The last part of the recordings reveals a courier used by the Rebels as a double agent. Kleewa suggests they pirate his ship and turn him over to the Rebellion.

The courier is a Twi’lek freighter captain currently docked at the local space port. After staking out the ship and the port, Kleewa hides them in crates being delivered to the Twi’lek. After the delivery, Kleewa books passage aboard the ship.

After takeoff, she opens the crates and lets Chan, Sin, and Aaman overwhelm the crew. The ship sent a distress signal before the rebels got control of the ship. In order to avoid being boarded by an Imperial shuttle, they went to hyperspace using coordinates already set in the Navi-computer.


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