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Reluctant Rebels

Our intrepid anti-heroes Alsinna Sarn or Sin, Aaman, and Chan Corvo started as a disparate group of criminals and pacifists with no interest in bucking the system. Trying to get by proved too hard so they decided to try to get ahead when they discovered ZB1138 or Zeb in an abandoned cargo ship on the outskirts of the Corellia system.

Zeb’s memory was wiped out and with the PCs help they discovered his past as a part of great heist. Zeb and an untrustworthy fence named Tripnik discovered the location of Missing Treasure of Coruscant. They added Hurd for some muscle and set out to retrieve it under the unsuspecting nose of a Black Sun Vigo named Clezo.

Just as they cashed in on their big score, the Empire came calling to steal it back in the form of newly promoted Moff Shar Bopa. While the heroes have managed to get ahead, they now have become enemies of a state that needs rebelling against.

Main Page

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