Reluctant Rebels

Gate Escape

After a bit of rest, Kleewa decides to show the PCs the secret of Trentwyth. She explains that she studied anthropology before joining the rebelling. She specialized in ancient insurrections and learned that the inhabitants of Trentwyth were the only successful insurgency against the ancient Infinite Empire. She discovered on this planet, an ancient machine that could terra-form part of the planet. The insurgents used this terra-forming to create hidden tunnels to ambush the Rakata.

Kleewa takes the PCs to the center of the southern continent deep underground. There they find an ancient terminal, a cairn, and a weird set of glyphs on the walls. Hurd finds that he can use the Force to manipulate the terminal and begin to terra-form the land around the Imperial Bridgehead and begins to repair the tunnels that were collapse by the Imperial Stormtroopers.

The terra-forming causes small earth quakes that stir up some of the cave dwelling critters to attack the PCs, but these are dealt with quickly. As the dust settles, the PCs determine that a stair way had been repaired by the terra-forming and they begin to climb up.

When they reach the surface, they discover themselves in an ancient Star Temple. They find murals depicting Rakattans as holy overlords of the local populace. Zeb determines the locals species as Nagai which were not known to ever be on this planet. In a large room stands an upright ring that makes Hurd feel cold with the Dark Side of the Force.

Searching further they discover a throne room with a long dead skeleton sitting on it. Behind the throne they find a key. The next room turns out to be a vault that the key opens. The vault is ransacked except for one lone pyramid the size of a large fist.

Hurd senses the pyramid with the Force and determines it is a holocron of an ancient Nagai force user named Dhorn. Dhorn explains that he led the insurrection’s strike team on the Star Temple to prevent the destruction of the Gate (the upright ring in the main hall).

Sin asks if the Gate can be re-opened to allow the rebels to travel through hyperspace or at least to a different part of the planet. Dhorn responds that in order to activate the Gate requires a Force user to manipulate. Hurd closes his three eyes and begins to concentrate on the Gate.

All in the great hall except Zed could feel themselves transported back in time to the last assault on the Star Temple. They can sense the attack led by Dhorn that entered the bottom level and quickly dispatched the terra-forming station there. They sense that it was trying to stop the terra-forming of the Nagai which had opened an attack vector on the Star Temple itself. Nagai forces were now converging on the upper levels. Dhorn ordered his disciples up the stairs to prevent the Rakattan from destroying the Gate once they realized they were lost.

Up the long winding stairs revealed the Rakattan guards killing prisoners and others evacuating the Gate. Still more were attaching explosives. Dhorn and his disciples stopped the destruction but were interrupted by a dark side Rakattan guard on a mounted feline. Dhorn told his disciples to hold off the dark sider while he re-configured the Gate to open to a new planet where the Nagai could be free from the Infinite Empire.

The disciples threw themselves at the dark sider and his troops. They wore down all the guards and dismounted the dark sider. Once the dark sider knew he was defeated, he pulled a Thermal Detonator from his belt and caused a huge explosion in the main hall.

Only one disciple survived. He cradled his dying master in his arms. Dhorn’s last act was to send his memory into a holocron which he gave to his last disciple. Dhorn’s last words were to pass on what the disciple had learned and to get the Nagai people through the portal to safety. Then Dhorn breathed his last.

The disciple looked at the gate his master had opened and could see the new planet through it. He used the force to keep it open while the entire Nagai species journeyed through to their new home. Afterwards, the disciple buried his master in a cairn. He then forsook the force and his master’s last wish. The last disciple left the holocron in the vault and closed before passing through to the other side to join his people.

After the vision, Hurd felt he understood the Gate enough to begin to power it. Hurd was not yet strong enough to open the Gate to a new planet. He was able to locate the hidden Rebel space ships located in a nearby asteroid field. Zeb cautiously passed through the Gate to a transport ship and started up the life support systems. Kleewa ordered the Rebel pilots through the Gate and eventually the Rebel troops.

Silently the Rebel ships navigated out of the asteroid field and set course for a Rendezvous point in another system. The Imperial forces blockading the planet were left guarding a planet empty of Rebels.


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