Reluctant Rebels

Medical Rescue

The PCs quickly plan a rescue of captured medical personnel being held at a beach head of the Southern continent of Trenwyth. They begin their approach underwater using their breath masks. On the way, Zeb breaks off from the others and begins to sabotage a turret to aid their escape. Zeb successfully disables the turrets ability to turn or swivel.

The others make their way to a floating platform with guards watching the prisoners. Swimming up to the ledge, they notice one of the guards sleeping and pull themselves up. They begin to assault the guards while Hurd assaults another turret.

The PCs easily overpower the guards but make enough noise to attract a dark cloaked figure in a nearby tent. As tug speaders approach the platform, Hurd jumps aboard to commandeer it while Sin snipes the cloaked figure once he starts to brandish an electro staff. A modified probe droid immediately gives medical aid to the dark side user. The dark cloaked figure uses the force to neutralize Sin and makes his way to the platform along with Stormtrooper reinforcements.

Chan draws the dark sider to him while Aaman helps Sin recover. Hurd uses the tug to start to push the platform to the rendezvous point. Zeb leaps up to catch the platform. Together the PCs combine their fire on the probe droid which self destructs and catches the dark sided figure in the explosion. They then sail the rescued prisoners to safety and scuttle the tug speader.


DerekSTheRed DerekSTheRed

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