Reluctant Rebels

Rafe's Revenge

The unconscious PCs and Zeb are taken to the lower decks of Dunari’s Rest to be thrown in the brig. Unfortunately the brig is full of patrons sleeping off various forms of intoxication. The semi-conscious patrons are taken out of their cells and unceremoniously dumped on the ground in front of the small cells to make room for the PCs. Each is placed in a small 3 meter by 3 meter cell.

Zeb on the other hand is inspected close enough to determine his restraining bolt is fake. A real restraining bolt is attached. As Zeb loses his free will, the others begin to wake. The guards part and very well dressed Chiss advances on the cell containing Chan Corvo.

“Once again Chan you have fallen into my little trap,” Rafe said menacingly. “You ought to stop doing that, it can be bad for your health.”

“What can I say, bad habits are hard to break,” replied Chan groggily.

“What’s going to happen to us?” asked Sin.

“Unfortunately for Chan here, I don’t need him anymore. You see I have a new spy to provide me with secrets. So I’ve decided to torture Chan to death and blame all my new insights into the location of rebel bases on his loose lips. Of course you will all have to die with him, but that’s just a side bonus for me. Killing Chan’s friends as he watches will bring me great joy.”

Rafe then turns to a guard and orders him to impound their ship and strip it of valuables. “Take the droid here to deactivate any security measures and share the spoils with the other guards.” Rafe orders.

“There’s no need for any of that,” says Hurd calmly. “I’m sure we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement that doesn’t involve any bloodshed.”

Rafe laughs, “You know I have changed my mind. You’re a very smooth talker. I’m going to have you tortured before you’re killed as well. I can’t wait to see what smooth talk will come out of your mouth while my men torture you. It will be music to my ears.”

With that he turns and leaves. Most of the guards leave as well except for one sentry paying more attention to his monitor than to them. Hurd uses the Force to influence one of the patrons under the influence of Spice. He manages to clear the cobwebs enough to get him to start talking to Sin. Sin makes all sorts of promises to get him to deactivate the force field of her cell, none of which she plans to keep.

Once Sin is free, she stealthily moves to deactivate the other shields. The guard begins to notice but hesitates to alert the other guards. Hurd sees his hesitation and suggests via the Force that he should help them escape instead of working for Rafe. The guard agrees to help them and they use his monitor to get a view of the casino in order to plot their escape. They send the guard to the armory to retrieve their gear that could fit in a backpack. The other guards don’t pay any attention. They attempt to use their com-links to contact Zeb, but the restraining bolt is interfering with their communication attempts.

Zeb, under the influence of the restraining bolt, leads the casino guards to their ship and unlocks their security protocols. He watches helplessly as their credit chips are stolen and the rest of the non-liquid inventory is cataloged. Zeb finds himself with only one remaining guard dutifully typing into his datapad.

Around the corner, Zeb hears a beeping of another droid in binary. He turns and his scanners pick up Missy. Zeb communicates his situation silently with Missy and she agrees to help him. When Zeb and his guard are in the kitchen, Missy is on the counter with a hydrospanner. When the guard isn’t looking, Missy removes the restraining bolt and flees to a hiding place. Zeb then stealthily sabotages the commlink on the guards helmet when he’s not looking. Zeb then lures the guard to the hold and locks him.

Zeb re-opens communication with the others to learn they are about to attack a checkpoint of guards. He finds a dumb waiter near their location and sends them a backpack of their backup weapons. A well armed group is then able to quickly overpower the checkpoint without anyone noticing. They then reach the armory and retrieve all their weapons and gear. They then find an airlock and they are able to space walk to the VIP shuttle bay. Rafe’s shuttle is missing but they are able hijack a very expensive one anyway. They meet up with Zeb on their own ship and give the stolen yacht to their former guard as a reward.


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