Reluctant Rebels

The Haunting of Chan's Past

After missing his opportunity to capture D3-0D, Chan is determined to track him down for good. The fact that his rebel superior, Kleewa, has given him orders to silence the droid is merely a happy coincidence. Sin gives the orders to make for the nearest Imperial base of Eriadu. Once there, Zeb is able to slice the Imperial custom agency records to determine the Vaunted Maiden briefly entered Eriadu space but then just as quickly left.

Sin and the others are baffled as to the behavior. Chan finally comes clean about his past. He tells the others that he and another Chiss by the name of Rafe joined the rebellion together. They ended up in a deal that went bad with D3-0D and a Talz named Oort involving stolen Transponder codes. Chan is certain that the deal went bad due to Rafe’s betrayal and that D3-0D is likely trying to make is way to Rafe for protection. Find Rafe, then we find D3-0D.

“Where then can we find Rafe?” asked Aaman. Rafe’s last known location according to Chan was on Dunari’s Rest. They donned their miner disguises and set course for Dunari’s Rest.

The PCs begin to ask around the casino, looking for Rafe. Hurd manages to get a bartender to spill the beans about the new owners of the casino. Recently the ownership changed and Rafe was brought in to manage it for the new absentee owners. Rafe immediately changed the casino guards for more expensive mercenaries. Rumor has it these new guards are paid extremely well for a casino that caters more to middle class tourists than to high rollers. Rafe’s own personal yacht that sits in the VIP shuttle bay is known to be high priced. The staff is wondering where Rafe gets all his money as the casino isn’t all that profitable.

Many of the staff are unhappy with the new harsher management, especially since their pay hasn’t seen the increase like the guards. Lately there has been a new preparations being made for what many assume will be a high roller coming to Dunari’s Rest that they hope will lead to higher tips.

Zeb is able to slice his way into the Casino’s booking records and finds a droid with his own personal hotel room. Security footage shows D3-0D going in surrounded by body guards. The PCs quickly head towards the room in hopes of surprising the droid and his guards. They succeed beyond their dreams and manage to down all the guards in a manner that seems almost too easy.

As they begin to interrogate the astromech droid, suddenly the fire extinguishers activate. Except instead of spraying water, they begin to spray a noxious gas. The door to the room is knocked off its hinges and several stun grenades fall at the feet of Sin. The noxious gas turns out to be knockout gas and the grenades knock a coughing Sin unconscious. Aaman bellows and takes cover around a corner while Hurd advances and tries to block the door. One of the armed and armored assailants gets past Hurd wearing macro binoculars and a gas mask.

The leader of the group lobs one more stun grenade at Chan’s feet to knock him out. The assailants use their stun settings to bring down Hurd and Aaman. Zeb and D3-0D are immune to the stun and knockout gas. Nonetheless, Zeb is forced to surrender once the others succumb to unconsciousness.


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